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in my opinion although this album shows nothing original or inovative to the genre is a good example of bands wich combine the use of keyboards with high speed black metal without sounding as another dimmu borgir clone, it´s melody is so catchy and incorporates cold atmosphere that not many bands of today´s trendy black metal are able to perform.

Review by: abel

01 Until The Darkness - A very melodic intro, much keyboards, rataplan, fake violins, you know the stuff... and a voice which is very similar to Eisregen

02 Seelenfrost - Slow build-up before it comes harder.. but you can't really feel the anger they're tryin to bring out... mostly boring

03 Winds Of The Dusk - Much better stuctured, with midtempo phases, best song 'til now, but the voice's still a bit powerless

04 Shadows Over Gods Creations - Good atmosphere at the beginnig, the voice is squeakier and more powerful, typical slow-melody-line with fast interferences... one of the better songs

05 Todeshass - Begins very stereotype, but the dark guitars in the background are bringing a good feeling on. It's a 8:40 song, fullfilled with all kinds of how-to-play-blackmetal. Sorry, but at least after 5 minutes it becomes boring. Well, the melodic pre-outro is nice.

07 The Dark Manifestation - A fast, melodic guitar plays the leader in this song. It becomes hymnic at some parts. Definitely the best song on the labum, even the voice ist still weak.

Balance : Well, for sure not that's year most innovative black metal release. But, you know, on every album there are many hidden reasons why someone likes it and the other one not. So, even if the verdict of my review isn't the best, in some parts i like this album.

Review by: Bandog

this album killer.better than new shity dimmu it!

Review by: Beyto

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