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although this is a Demo, but it's as solid as Rouja has always been, it's tempo is much slower than the following Ajattara albums, as u can sense a doom/black feeling in all the songs.
this album is truly my favorite Ajattara album til the day.
the recording is not that good at all, the sound is not that clean, sometimes u feel ur listening to an old 1979 recorded casette! high trible, low bass, but still unique, it's a must-have for the fans of Ajattara and Black Metal alike.
til now, three of the songs have been rereleased, Ägräs, Musta aurinko on Itse 2001, and Helvetissä on syntisen taivas on Kuolema 2003... but they were a lil' bit tweaked and cleaned, anyway... the 1998 demo versions of the songs hold a strange atmosphere that's lost in the clean perfect recording/mix made later..
10/10 for me..

Review by: Headquarter84

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