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this album... although short... is NOTHING, and i say NOTHING short of exelence. the first song "ilon piävä" is a real masterpiece, among one of my absolute favorite pieces by ajattara. the only way i can describe it, is like a big black snowstorm, slowly engulfing everything in its path. it starts out strong, the lyrics (in suomi [finn]) really add character to the song. it gives it a dark feeling to it... i highly reccomend getting your paws on this album.

the second song nicely blends Finnish Folk-Style music with black metal. crisp and clear, another high vote.

its a VERY hard cd to find, but i was lucky to come across it and i snagged it as fast as i could. if you have any questions, email me at -carmine from usa.

Review by: metalholic615

"Hei Tonttu-Ukot" is originally a traditional xmas song in Finland. Here is it's AJATTARA interpretation with enhanced lyrics... This single flew, as a matter of fact, to the TOP 2 (!) position on the official Finnish single charts! The only Black Metal group ever from Nordic countries to achieve this.

Review by: Rahkoi

This single is for sure another one great work by Ajattara, in the track "Ilon päivä" they keep on the same strong rhythms we heared form their past works, but with a better crafted and aggressive overall... and that's rrreal great..

"Hei tonttu-ukot" is a more of a folk, but it has that same extreme atmosphere that might remind u of "Finntroll"..

i give it a 10/10... quite a great single by a great band :)

Review by: Headquarter84

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