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Tales about filth, f**cking corpses and ripping females groins. The spirit through want to kill is concretisised in these grim symphonies by Ruoja who's feelings and influences dwell in the original old-skool Black Metal.

"Tyhjyys" is a crushing, straightforward listening experience with very small amount of 'additional garbage'. Ruoja's vocals will seek comparison for long, long time. The lyrics are, of course, in Finnish, giving extra natural exotic touch to the whole. People should actually do just as one Tolkien did; to learn the Finnish language in all of it's richness and understand the dimensions of lingual human communication! This Tolkien then created one 'Lord of The Rings' after reading the national epic of Finland, the Kalevala. 'Tyhjyys' owns a massive presence of it, as in all the previous works of Ajattara. The keyboards earn a special note. They are used sparingly and depth isn't the only accomplishment through them, but also the even magical atmosphere!

This album is at the similar vein as 'Itse' and 'Kuolema', only even more barbaric and maybe even sick to some. Absolutely perfect music for feeding rage....

Review by: Rahkoi

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