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This is much greater than the last two recordings!!!! SON OF THE MORNING is the greatest song on the album in my opinion. Let good music, without Marti Bonsoir this time, he appeared only on the second album and only recorded this one, if i may believe the artwork.
Really good work!!!!! Let their be AKERCOCKE!!!!9/10

Review by: Khold666IsGreat

Akercocke is one of the most sick and brutal bands i know... The newest album of these British gentlemen satanists (I think they are members of the Church of Satan, founded by Anton LaVey) just blew me away. Their music is strange and brutal, with LOTS of odd tempo variations and many kinds of vocal styles. One of the best releases of the year 2003. Highly recommended.

Review by: Vegeir

Satanism is weak, and doesnt make for a good band. When I heard this album it was the first of the most highly acclaimed ackercock i have ever heard, and i found it all over the place and hardly what i expected. This may be good for some fans or whatever but i found it tiresome and sloppy, the album does not run smoothly from track to track and songs are constintly interrupted by odly placed ambient sounds and nile rip-off guitar/keyboard work.
The album overall pissed me off when listening to it several times and i would not recommend this to anyone axcept fans of......actually, i dont even know who would like this. It lacks structure and musical coherence. I did howvwer like the vocalists deeps, but his singing voice is hideous.


Review by: aborted_deegs

Akercocke are an absolute weapon of a band, and this album strengthens their previous releases even more. The drumming is tight and the vocals are great. I recently saw them live in Belfast on the tour of this new album and was very pleased to hear that they are brilliant live. I didnt think they could come up with a better album after G,O,M. But this seems to be a good contender. Im eager to see whats next for them, discipline seems to be paying off.

Review by: Huntsekker


FILE: Afroclocke is a highly organized Satanic cult made up of four British gentalmen. Who love busty women in tight clothes and busting metal while looking shnazzy in suites.

I think with complete honesty I can say this is about as unique as it gets. Keyboard riffs are oulandish and widely ranged. Guitarwork is fast and heavy or strangely melodic. The drumwork is absolutly amazing! and Mendonca's grim vocals switch on and off from eerie to deep and gurgly very smoothly.

Most of the instraumental tracks on the cd are boring and drag on for to long. And Slaphercocke seems to be full time Satanists and only part time musicians at some points during the album.

Mendonca's clean vocals at the beganing of track #10 and during #12 are hidousely sappy sounding. Which is the main reason I gave this album 9 out of 10 instead of a perfect 10 out of 10 which it could have achieved.

#1 Praise the name of Satan
#3 Leviathan
#4 Enraptured by evil
#9 Scapegoat
#11 Becoming the adversary


Review by: arcanechild

This is better than both of the last two albums put together it's one of the best albums ever in my opinion the guitars are very nice with some very heavy grim riffage. The drums are just mad very technical. The Bass is often used in a good way making the atmosphere of the whole music more kindof dischordant and the vocals are great Jason can wail demonically, Grunt and sing quite angelically and it all sounds good he has one the most versatile voices in metal today.

Review by: Amdusias

This shit is weak.

Why do all akercocke albums have naked women on the cover?

I don't know, but it's stupid and it pisses me off.

These guys look like assholes.

Don't buy this.


Review by: Hardboiled

If I was afraid of naked women and Satanism I'd have a hard time liking this too, but if you can get past the ridiculous lyrical themes these guys are making some of the best progressive extreme metal around. Choronzon is a unique, almost flawlessly executed album. It gets dragged down some by the many instrumentals and the less inspired brutal moments(which they REFUSE to drop, even on Words...), but for the most part anyone looking for something progressive and powerful in extreme metal should love this. Anyone looking for the same old grymness shouldn't bother.

Review by: Radical Cut

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