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A new band from England, it's a pretty good one, but the sound is not always good.
The new album released in 2003, contains some songs of the project of David Gray and Jason Mendonca before Akercocke, this band called SALEM ORCHID, which is interesting for the fans, but also a little bit of a cheap sound.
It could have been much worse, so i give hem a 7 out of 10.
Hail Akercocke!!!!!!!

Review by: Khold666IsGreat

Descent album, it's all SEMI-proffesional so the sound is a little bit dissapointing.
the re-release (somewhere 2002) contains three songs of the band SALEM ORCHID, the first band of Mendonca and Gray.
Overall a good debut.7/10.

Review by: Khold666IsGreat

Akercocke are great and most probaly will always be so this is just another good album of theirs, which has pretty bad production but it's still pretty hearable.

Review by: Amdusias

Overall a pretty cool album full of original material and a fun listen. Nothing extremely dark on here like I might have expected but a good mix of death, gothic and dark metal. Some good satanic content which shows that these guys obviously know what they're writing about. Great music for a full blown dionysian orgy or just fantisizing about one. Good screams and a nice raw production helps too. 8/10

Review by: shanewick

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