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After Akercocke's seriously interesting death/black (and a little ambient) attack named Choronzon there were a few changes in band and music. First of all guitarist Paul Scanlan departed and was replaced by guitarist Matt Wilcock (The Berzerker). Second of all there is quite a change in the musical course. In my eyes Akercocke has always been a kind of progressive death/black metal band. The first two albums more focussed on death- (Rape of the Bastard Nazarene) and blackmetal (Goat of Mendes) and the third album more and more focussing on progression (more clean vocals, more foreign instruments etc.).
Now the fourth work of these Satanists is truly amazing! Obviousley the best Akercocke album to date.
Fast Blistering songs as Verdelet and Seduced a long epic track called Shelter from the Sand (10+ min.) progressive songs like Words that go unspoken... and Intractable, you can find it all on this wonderfull piece of art.
The addition of more clean vocal parts and the use of more strange sounds (instruments can be seen on the ltd. edition bonus dvd) make this the most progressive work of Akercocke to date.
The drumwork of David Gray is fast, agressive and technical at the same time. Basswork can be easily noticed on this work and guitarriffs/solo's are getting more and more interesting with each album.
Only point of critisism is the clean voice. Do not get me wrong i love them, but in some parts the clean parts are not stable enough. Just on some points. Jason Mendonca is just a versatile vocalist. In my point one of the best and deepest grunts in the death metal scene, a grim old school black metal shriek and nice clean vocals.
And what about Matt Wilcock? He is just as good a blaster as Paul Scanlan, only it seemes his parts are more powerfull (can be because the prodction is ten times better then before).
My favorites: Actually i can't really choose a favorite song cause i like them all but special attention to Verdelet (wih some powerfull trash parts), Seduced, Shelter from the Sand, Words That Go Unspoken... and Intractable.

Rating: 95/100

Review by: khold666isgreat

wow, i didn't know what to expect with this when i got it, i heard this one song - the penance, which was brilliant.
when i got the album i was amazed by the speed and technicality of the riffs and the blastbeats were just... WWWOOOOAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! \m/'-'\m/ the ten minute song, shelter from the sand, dosen't get boring for one minute as it's always changing, very atmospheric. most songs are fast and brutal from the start, but sometimes goes all proggy with singing and melodies. which is fine, don't get me wrong, i listen to opeth so i'm used to it, but i prefer his gut wrenching growls and screams...overall, a must have for fans of death metal, tits & goats.

Review by: anal frost

Words that go unspoken sees the Ak taking a more progressive path through the winding valley of death metal. Beautiful windswept melodies are juxtaposed with guttural screams and their trademark brand of British eccentricity. Do not fear the prog my friends, the album still proves to be dark and sinister as hell and songs like "Eyes Of Dawn" shows that they are still very much blasting for satan.

The album shows Akercocke taking a brave and exciting new trajectory, most critically highlighted by the magnificent ten minute album centre piece "Shelter From The Sand". Although not their most extreme this is definately their best and most musically mature album to date. Introduction of aussie bezerker Matt Wilcock brings a new dimension to the soloing and a more old school thrash element, check out "Seraphs and silence".

Keep on blasting.

Review by: mourning star

Words That Go Unspoken, Deeds That Go Undone is a mild let down after the grandiose Choronzon. The band doesn't quite match the leap they made from Goat of Mendes to Choronzon, nor do they match Choronzon itself for the sheer number of excellent and memorable songs. And unfortunately the band has once again been met with a shoddy production job, which they have only ever managed to avoid on Choronzon.

The good news though, is that they've dropped some of the excess instrumentals, and the album is still considerably more impressive and worthwhile than most. While the brutal sections suffer the most from the production, and the riffing in them tends to be more simplistic, the band's other side is alive and well. The melodies are striking, the vocal performances solid, and they come up with some excellent riffs throughout. The drumming is, as usual, phenomenal. The epic Shelter From the Sand is the only lengthy track this time around, and it's remarkable and full of great moments. Verdelet, the title track, Eyes of the Dawn, and Intractable all provide their share of excellent moments as well. The album closes in a similar vein to Choronzon with Lex Talionis, another great mellow track, this time with lyrics that won't make you cringe. Overall, it's a highly rewarding album and a must hear for anyone that wants a little more from their extreme metal, but fans of the last album should try to keep their expectations from ruining it for them.

Review by: Radical Cut

man, what a great fucking energy this album has! progressive, melodic, brutal, experimental, brilliant. Pink floyd, opeth, deicide, and the devin townsend band had a child and this is it! Dont take my word for it, check it out. NOW!

Review by: endofnight

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