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Definitely the bands best work to date, Alghazanth managed to crush their 2 previous efforts with this one. Absolutely killer finnish black metal brutality!

Review by: Mach666

ALghazanth really did great with this album, as everybody can notice, this is their second album in the year 2001. It is a wonderful thing to have 2 great albums in such a short time.

Review by: vartifagus

Well, brutal isn't exactly the way I would describe this. Okey, it's fast at times and it has a lot of variation, but it's not convincing at all.
The album contains some speedier tracks which make me think of this band as some kind of low budget Krisiun without the talent to make a decent composition, and who are trying to cover this up with ye standard black metal "majestic" keyboards which only add to the cheesyness of this album.
The album also contains slower and mid-tempo songs, of which nothing much can be said except maybe that they offer a test of patience.
Definitely not recommended.

Review by: zwarte krijser

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