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After the first Alghazanth album "Thy aeons envenomed sanity" band got lot of good reviews, so I think the band got some kind of pressures for making another album. The difference of the new album is, that the music is much heavier and maybe faster than the first album. They also got a new vocalist Nebiros (also known as ex-vocalist of Unveiled) The album begins with excellent song "Breathless flesh sculpture" what shows the more brutal, but still so melodic side of the band. But after that song there are not really anything outstanding. But when track number 7 begins, it gives some hope. "Ode to the bringer chaos" is one of the greatest black metal songs ever made!! Total masterpiece. In that song there are also few other singers. Lord Luukkainen(Infection) with clean voice and Torment of Funeris nocturnum with growling vocals. Great variation of wheezing of Nebiros. Last song "Anno sathani" is more like some Dark funeral stuff. It's pretty good one. Lyrics by drummer Gorath are excellent. They are like Dimmu Borgir usually writes. Not maybe the best bm album but one of the Finnish metal-classics.

Review by: Arkku

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