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Possibly the greatest Viking Black Metal album of all time. Hymn Till Hangagud is a super-fast, epic, and brutal homage to Odin and Viking ancestral pride. Fast and crushing old school riffs, and amazing brutal drumming from the legendary Fredrik Andersson (Marduk) to go along with insane vocals make this a classic. This under-rated, and little known album should rank up there with Satyricon's Nemesis Divine and other classics in the genre. Best tracks: Hofdingadrapa, Spjutsang, De Nordiska Lagren, and The Marsch of the Warlike Damned.

Review by: Mad-Dog-Ulfhedinn-793

If one compare Allegiance with Marduk it`s a damn mystery that Marduk is the biggest and most popular. Well, of course Marduks lyrics is in english and Allegiance screams in the swedish language, but musically Allegiance is better in absolute everything.
Both B-War and Fredrik from Marduk are a part of Allegiance. The lyrics and the concept are totally dedicated to vikings and old swedish conquerors. It`s both majestic and filthy at the same time. Some parts gives me the feeling of being decapitated by a broadsword while other parts of the album are more relaxing and nature influenced. But it`s never boring and the brutality and speed are more common then the slow parts.
I have a really hard time comparing this with other viking metal bands. Allegiance is both more brutal and have more depth.
Compared to Marduk they`re in another league.
Bogge for President!

Review by: winterspell

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