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Am Universum is a good album. but dont you hear this like 70's riffs on it? lol, Veil of sin is the best, and afterall its a new style..

Review by: iNfernum

Contrary to some, I beleive this album and Tuonela are real masterpieces. I agree that Tales From The Thousand Lakes is a good album, but this is just great. The music is pretty savage, even though the harsh vocals are gone and Pasi Koskinen does only clean singing. This album also showcases his great vocal skills, especially when you look at him in Shape Of Despair or Ajattara (need I say more?). The band itself took another step forward with this release and their music grew more melodic and entertaining.

Am Universum isn't very diverse, it's a very solid block of music and the listener can go from song to song without losing anything of the general mood of the album. "Experiments" aplenty. There are hundreds of various sounds in the more than 53 minutes that Amorphis offer in this release. Lots of different guitar tones combined with well accomplished (but not exaggerated) keyboard touches, excellent singing, good drumming make this album something worth to own.

Highlights include the opener Alone, an excellent and very moody song, Crimson Wave, Veil Of Sin and more or all...

Review by: theaxonn

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