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It seems as if it were a lifetime since "Far..." Amorphis is back, I'm sure this slab will probably disappoint old school Amorphis fans, but I gave this cd a 10/10. The production is brilliant- the best cd of 2006 thus far.

Review by: pannick

Great return for Amorphis. The new singer kicks ass. The new music is actually quite in vain of Tales meets Elegy. Nothing bad about this album. Amorphis is back.

Review by: Ankrhim

Old vocal, new vocal, old style, new style... their greatest

After the very popular and critically praised Elegy, Amorphis arguably went on a descending route. Both Tuonela and AM Universum were not so appreciated, while their intended “return to older ways”, Far Away From The Sun, fell short of achieving the rebirth they needed. After they separated paths with Pasi Koskinen (Ajattara, Shape Of Depair), their longtime vocal, in 2006, with a new vocal in Tomi Joutsen, Amorphis returns with Eclipse.

Here, Tomi Koivusaari’s harsh vocals are occasionally back and they accomplish a good contrasting effect with the clean and sometimes aggressive of Joutsen. Eclipse finds Amorphis successfully reinventing themselves. The instrumentals are stepped up a bit in rhythm and they sound more lively than on previous albums. If I was unaware with their past, I would have dared to say that it sounds just like a new album of a band trying to make its way to shine among the rest of the metal legions.

In 45 minutes (including the bonus track) Amorphis reaffirms its musical talent and ability to evolve. The album flows nicely from the good opener “Two Moons” to the one of the highlights, “House Of Sleep”; on this song one can hear a feminine voice seldomly singing along with Joutsen. After its soft and melancholic intro, “Leaves Scar” showcases Koivusaari’s growl, back stronger than ever, one of the more brutal songs on the album. Here one can enjoy a very good cooperation between harsh and clean vocals and the same stands true on „Perkele (The God Of Fire)” which then intros „The Smoke” through a beautiful echoed guitar passage.

The use of other not-so-traditional instruments is limited on this offering but what’s really to be appreciated is that this doesn’t hurt their music at all. In fact, because of a really good (although not glossy) production, the music sounds much clearer and sharper than on previous effort, „Far Away From The Sun”. All-in-all, this is a very well accomplished album which brings a fresh breath of life, both in the Amorphis world and the metal scene.

Review by: theaxonn

Amorphis really comes back with a vengance on this one. The production is very clear and crisp. My hats of to Amorphis.

Review by: Studster

Just... Amorphis have return!!!!, for me... one of the best albums of Amorphis, the lyrics, fantastic arrangments, new vocalist is very good... a masterpiece!!!

Review by: northvisions

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