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This is one of the best metal albums ever in my opinion, every fan of metal must at least try it.

Review by: agalloch

Who really cares Amorphis not to play doom/death again ???

Elegy is such a nice album with great arrangement, great use of clean vocal, and most importantly, the melody is fucking catchy. Very listenable.

I enjoy this album very much ..... Many people said Amorphis was producing shit after the tales from 1000 lakes....It's unfair... Hope those people be more open-minded ...

Review by: ahlan

Rock? Progressive? Folk? Metal? Clean vocals? Brutal vocals? What do you like best? Amorphis don't seem to give a shit about that! They managed to contain ALL of the above in a single album! I would like to say 2 words on them: WELL DONE! A must buy for every open-minded metaller.

Review by: forestarm

This is without a doubt one of the best albums ever released. I mean from ANY genre. This CD is probably the most well rounded death metal album of all time. Varied and never boring. EXCELENT job!

Review by: SLAYER440

This is one of the best metal albums i have got to hear in my life, i may be subjective in saying this because Elegy was the first metal album i have ever listened. Yet one can not omit the harmony of genres that can be found inside, folk, gothic, heavy, even some disco (on Cares), you name it, simply wonderful. Although 4 years have past since the first audition and my musical tastes advanced/refined, Elegy continues to be a great album in my book.

Review by: Lucinski

A very good album. One step away from their roots, but with a perfect symbiosis of many styles. Very good songs & melodies. Just listen to "on rich and poor" or "My Kantele". An album you should know.

Review by: Body

My favorite album by Amorphis. It has consistenly great songs, with a folky feel. Some of these songs could even be considered radio-friendly but that definitely wasn't the intent. I wouldn't be surprised if this album was written for the love of a woman to be honest. It just seems to have that love-torn despair working in it. There are some classic rock'nroll style riffs on here too that you'll never forget. The album in whole is very well put together with tons of inspiration and dynamics.

Review by: shanewick

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