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This is the first album that I heard of Amorphis. The band has changed the style of his music a lot. But I think this is a very good album, and very original. Itīs a surprise for me that Am Universum appears better than this Tuonela.

Review by: shankao

really good cd much better than all of their early stuff!
tuff guys stay away! go listen to mayhem or something lame like that!

Review by: jizzyfart

I'm a big Amorphis fan and this is simply their best work.
"The Way" is one of my favourite songs ever. You discover something new everytime you listen to this album. Its production is also fantastic!

Review by: Dark cloud

Tuonela set the way for the 100% change of Amorphis.From now on only clean vocals (with the exception of Greed), and the harshness of the past is totally gone.I am a big fan of Amorphis and i think that they are a band who were always successfull in whatever they were doing.I like Tuonela as much as their previous and later works and i as much as i like tales i don't think we must be disappointed by the work of such a great band

Review by: freeze

Tuonela proves the fact that Amorphis are not one of the bands that can be chained to a particular genre or style. You can't say that Amorphis is that or is that, only that in the period xx-yy they were singing in a way and then in another way and so on. They stay true to their name (since Amorphis comes from a word that means "no determinate form or shape"). Their creation is always surprising and even though this may cause a "recycle" of their fans from period to period, it doesn't lessen their artistic merits. I like all their creation but Tuonela and Am Universum are the highlights as far as I'm concerned. Pasi Koskinen does a great job with the vocals and the only song that still has harsh "old-style" vocals is Greed, but you'll agree that it's a very good song.

This album finds Amorphis experimenting with many more sounds and instruments and the good production sure helps to show it. Melodies like The Way, Rusty Moon and Summer's End are absolutely fantastic, especially the last one, which showcases excellent music and vocals and may very well be the best Amorphis song ever (the lyrics were never Amorphis' strong point, but Summer's End is very evocative). All in all, this is an excellent album and I rated it 10 out of 10, just like I rated Am Universum.

Review by: Theaxonn

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