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In this album lies the very heart of human sorrow and despair. Phrases such as "I bid my last farewell to mankind..." can effortlessly describe how much did Anathema near the end of hope and life itself. I cannot find the exact words to describe what kind of feelings are born by listening to this record. To me, "Eternity" should be mentioned whenever doom metal is discussed..

Review by: biochemist

Slow, melancholic, lots of atmosphere, a few aggressive parts that prevent this one of getting boring. Cries On The Wind...............

Review by: Necroking

This album changed my life in 1999 one of the best emotional metal album I have ever listened in my fuckin' life. I recommend all the lost souls.

Review by: semitrust

anathema totally kicks ass their one of the best bands ive heard in my entire life. hail anathema!!!!

Review by: sad clown

Well what a change..... and for the better. while listening to this album you are whirled away to a place you could ony find in yourself. I read a review once saying Anathema was the 2nd rate My Mying Bride, but after hearing this it is obvious they have far surpassed MDBs works at the time. This album is clean ,dark and full of atmosphere. Top choice if you are planning on buying an Anathema Album.

Review by: Vladtrovert

this one along with the silent enigma and pentecost iii is one of the best albums of anathema!full of sorrow,this album is a dark opus,a huge music development.

Review by: nyarlathotep

this is the album of my life, a good reason to be born or die... so, let us cry...

Review by: janchris

Being the first Anathema album I've heard I may be a little bias in this review - especially considering it is also my favorite. The new Anathema sounds is definitely an acquired taste, namely the flow and vocals. The general mood is one of misery - originating from the love of a woman most likely. This album takes you on a journey. It has a Pink Floyd feel to it but leans much more towards despair than anything as psychedelic as floyd. The moments of triumph present only lead to greater sadness as the album continues. Definitely give this a few listens for it takes awhile to sink into.

Review by: shanewick

Damn, this is good...not as excellent as "Pentecost" and "The Silent Enigma", but still very good. Buy it!

"Sometimes I envy the dead....far awaaaayyyyy..."

Review by: metal4ever

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