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great! man band...great black metal.....

heil markus e norman

Review by: necrophiliac-xul

just goooood like the first one!but they v chaingd abit!the songs no more seems like each other!a cooooooooooooool album

Review by: deathincantation

DArk metal my review in "the physical shape of light bled"


Review by: Ancient

One man band like BURZUM..MARCUS E.NORMAN...but doom black metal.not fast not noisy..melodic doom - black metal.( love doom black metal)not for pure and fast black metal fans!

Review by: Beyto

A mixture of what I (and maybe you) was dreaming of before I find this one man band: Melodic and slow black metal, maybe doom-black metal with deep and dark atmosphere and
great screams and add to all of these some acostic parts with piano, the man is a genius musician and his work is so comparable wih Burzum. don't miss it. 10/10

Review by: blind_owl

Very boooooring album. Guitars are almost absent here. But
there is a lot of synth crap.


Review by: Mahadev

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