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really great more cold then the next ones

Review by: blub

one of my favorite albums in my hallife!melodic black metal !so slow!so cold!so fukin good!i got this cd a year ago and i still leastining to it!just it seems to more like one song!they are simelar alzou ther is much diff. !but its good

Review by: deathincantation

it`s too melodic for me... there are some good riffs, but to less atmosphere. so i wouldn`t give 10/10 for this album, but an album on average i think - hmm 8/10

Review by: herbstleyd

Black-Doom Metal...Like old Katatonia and Ophthalamia.Drums are Drum-Machine.Gutar sound like old Burzum.Thema of this album..Norhtland. Best Vocal of Marcus.For me This album different other A.W. albums. a good beginning for listen.Black-Doom Metal.

Review by: Beyto

This album always in my top10 black metal forgetten but perfect-cult black metal masterpiece album.

Review by: Beyto

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