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For me, this is the greatest aO album ever. Older ones are good and so are the newer ones, but this one is really a GREAT climax (for me) Maybe the best album wich I own, I didn't expect much from this, but well I was suprised ;) Great melodies, great vocals, GREAT drums. ...and Oceans on it's best masterpiece.

Song names are funny and they might misdirect you, but don't let 'em do that.
Only minus is that songs might little repeat them selfs, but not that MUCH.

This one is must.

Review by: Lawrence UA

hello... this is a masterpiece melodic black metal, i don't understand that and oceans aren't so famous like another bm bands, and oceans is a different view about black metal philosopy, not so classic north ideology themes, they offers more variety and very original point of view... music: excellent, lyrics: excellent too, variety, interesting and original vocals: fantastic classic black metal screams keyboards: allucinatings!!!, uniques, the essence of spiritual northern feelings!!! hail finland spirit of north!!!... and oceans is a worthy representing!!!!!!!!

Review by: northvisions

if "The dinamic gallery of thoughts" was fantastic,this is the top......for me all the songs are good at the same level and the atmosperic parts are super.....this is real melodic black metal!

Review by: impaled god

Nothing extremely original as far as song writing is concerned. The lyrics, mood and concept are quite a different story as these guys are fucked in the head. Songs like '"I wish I was pregnant" so I could be born again and give birth my myself and my own death' definitely leaves some food for thought. Some nice catchy symphonic pieces of here too which some great classical influence shown - especially on the last track which reminds me of the instrumental at the end of Emperor's - Anthems. More fun than dark but a good listen nevertheless.

Review by: shanewick

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