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As i said in my other review (aspera 1) Arcturus are just fucking amazing.. and whats this??? a remastered version of the timeless masterpiece.. and oh the my angel and constellation rare fucks all on one cd... my god could it get any better?? and it can.. Garm reworked all outstanding vocals for "Aspera" but the music was never touched... (and thats a good thing) the only thing missing from this version of aspera/constellation/my angel, is the other version of "Morax" but i'm sure the die hard Arcturus fans already have that version on the "Constellation/My angel e.p. from a couple years back.. Once again "Aspera" is a true Black Metal Masterpiece that came out way ahead of it's time.. 10/10 horns down..

Review by: BlackMetalBrad

Aspera Hiems Symphonia is the best black metalīs album. We have in this work many influences of 70īs like Rick Wakeman. Steinar Johnsen is one of the most significative keyboarder in his generation and he has a large vision of music (technician and Harmony). Hellhammer is great, but in The Sham Mirros of Arcturus too heīs better than here. Listen Morax from My Angel EP...daaaaaaaaaarrrrrrkkkkkkk.

Review by: Dark Season

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