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Very very amazing album!! This is my most favorite black metal album!! if you like black metal with keyboard sounds then i'll recommend this album!

Review by: martinsys

words can't describe this master piece

Review by: midvinter2

Great CD, just can't describe it.
Don't wait, go and buy it.

Review by: Nic0

when i bought my angel, i had to get my evil hands on constellation.then there was aspera!!! man...the best album i ever 've other words; arcturus at his climax.

Review by: anti life

Well, being honert I think that the atmosphere created a better effect in the band in their constellation album...however this is a quite decent album, the keyboards are an strong point, the songs are great, Garm shrieking... Hellhammer at the drums... this is a piece of art....

Review by: xibalba

"Here is so desolate. Times, they are dark..."
Maybe the best (for me) black metal album ever. From extreme to dark melodic themes (keyborards play a great role) it is going to haunt you forever. All songs are great. The black and the clean vocals are just perfect. 'To Thou Who Dwellest in the Night' and 'The Fall of Man' are beyond description. 2 of the greatest metal songs ever. Arcturus produced a musical miracle that none can repeat (incuding themeselves). A must have for every dark music fan. There is nothing more to say.
10 out of 10.

Review by: Forestarm

piece of shit. this is keyboard shit, wrapped into "metal" do not buy this. it is really annoying, donīt expect anything metal-alike here!

Review by: Keller

well i want to be honest to you... Arcturus is one of my basic
needs...What should i say for "Aspera Hiems Symfonia"? many bands in the past used keyboards...many bands in the past used quitars...many bands in the past used drums and of course many bands in the past used bass... "ok Arcturus is another trite band" it would be the words of someone...

well in fact i don't need to find "objective" criteria for "Arcturus is really cool man!"

Every Arcturus fan should have known that this band is something special for himself firstly... Arcturus is an individual experience...

So what would i say about their music? that is the first band that uses more keyboards than quitars and is more blackmetal(in this recording...only) than any other based-on -quitar black metal band with a few keyboards?
This music guides you to a journey to another worlds...This is the soundtrack for your personal remark of the stars...
This the music that takes 9,5 to 10 for me...
...if i am the one who can write anything..even a word about is... just perfect...

Review by: carheart

Arcturus are one of those black metal bands that are just fucking timless... the orginal version and the new remastered version of this great masterpiece stand as a monument for black metal.. just simply amazing... all hail ARCTURUS

Review by: BlackMetalBrad

Garm is great in this album.

Review by: cynical897

This album is Arcturus's finest. The presence of keyboards on this album is thick, which usually puts me off, but for anyone else that has the same attitude, i assure you that the keyboards create a very sad, dark and morbid atmosphere, and arent a cheesy, plastic gimmick. With Ulver's Garm on vocals, the album delivers an array of vicious Black Metal rasps, and atmospheric, grim choir-like chants, also done by Garm. I highly reccomend this album.
Stand Out Tracks: Du Nordavind
Hail True Norwegian Black Metal!

Review by: natte_skygge

Not bad but too much tralalala in some parts. And their sunglasses - very funny ;P

Review by: manos

This is one of my all time favourite black metal albums, the beauty of this album are the keyboards,also pretty cool riffs and leads and of course :D Hellhammer s drumming.I think this is the best work from arcturus,but sadly their style changed into a more avantgarde like black metal(if we can call it black metal)This is a very atmospheric dark masterpiece wich every true norwegian black metal fan must have!

Review by: the priest

what can be said about them.....they are simply one of the most creative and beautiful groups in the black metal scene.....and this album is only the beginning

Review by: impaled god

A journey throught the cold wastelands of Norway... or of space? This album is a masterpiece and if you don't own it you don't know metal worth a dam. It combine the micro and macro cosms in pure universal existentialist expressionism. You'll never hear anything like it. Garms cries of terror have never sounded better or more fierce. The clear choral type vocals suit the frozen atmosphere beautifully. Sverds keyboards are fantantic as always. Masterpiece.

Review by: shanewick

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