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Finally Arcturus is becoming a listenable band. I didn't like "La Masqurade Infernale" (but I'm not the one that gave it 1) but this is definitely something. I can't say that this is different from the others, but this I can tell you. "Kinetic" is the best song in the whole fucking world. If I have said something else somewhere else, ignore them and this is for real! This song is so cool that even Borknagar's "Colossus" has been left behind. Other great songs are "Collapse Generation" and "Radical Cut". Ihsahn is really a f..king mastermind.

Okay... Garm is originally from Borknagar like the other singer from the past, Vortex, and that's probably why I like this so much. Hellhammer is good as ever (if you ignore Mayhem's "Grand Declaration of War") and the sounds are just perfect. Covers are bit strange, but hey... that's the way Arcturus wants to do it.

Final Words: "Kinetic" is a song I just can't praise enough. It kicks f..king ass!!!

Review by: Punisher

I am just listening to this for the first time, and I am afraid my beloved Borknagar was left in the dust by his former vocalist. This is just what Borknagar should have done: it's fast and very symphonic, epic, but with the weird evil electronica touch only Garm and company can add. Musically, Sverd, Helhammer, Skoll and Knut are at their very best. But let me warn you. This isn't a left fielder like La Masquerade. This is a little bit more straight forward, thus the comparison to Borknagar, only much better. And I'm not saying this because I've been an Ulver fan for years, but really, that Kris dude really has talent, and it seems he and his buddies can kick ass in every music style they try.
So you get an excellent album from an excellent band. May not be what you expected, but hey, surprises are always good, and the songs can kick anyone's ass any time.

Review by: punkiller

Have you ever wonder what would happen if you take the melody of Aspera Hiems Symfonia with the dark mood of the Masquerade Infernale? Well this album may sound like that at first, but this is a great album of... well I do not have a name for this kind of music, but one thing is sure, the Sverdīs work on the keyboards is FUCKING AWESOME, I felt nostalgia because I would have liked to hear that kind of sound from Covenant, anyway, the Vocals are FUCKING AWESOME, Garm simply rules in this album, the Ihsahn contribution is also really great. The evolution of the genre is beautifully despicted here (if we remember that they were black metal once), a trascendental album that defines the present future of black metal... if only Mayhem could have understand that few years ago... but whatever you love metal or good electronic music this is really a FUCKING AWESOME album that must be heard.

Review by: xibalba

Well, "The Sham Mirrors" is simply the introduction to the music of the future age. "The distance too great for you to hear our cries... nevermind take this lamp, we are beyond light"... Those words included in the masterpiece "Kinetic" are totally true. Avant-garde metal at all... They are beyond all kind of music in this time. So, It's very comprensible that most people considerate this "weird". But the ones who can really appreciate this unique art, can hear the sounds of the evolution and transcendentalism materialized in "The Sham Mirrors".

Review by: evil_sect

Well what happened here? Did I got lost in between? the last i heard of Arcturus was a track of raw black metal and now what i hear is a soundscape of a million sounds all at once. This album is like a ride through space.But all the same its almost a masterpiece.Sure the purists will be pissed but who cares when you are listening to an album this great. The vocals are clean (Except in the case of guest Ihsahn)the keyboard work is tremendous and the mix and production are crystal clear.Whether Youlike metal or not this a cd well worth the money.

Review by: Vladtrovert

What can i say. BRILLIANT, not 1 bad song! Wish all bands where like that. Best keyboardplayer i ever heard and great vocals.

Review by: testicle omelette stomper

The Sham Mirrors is an excellent album. Sverd plays some excellent arrangments and Garms vocals are are fucking perfect. This album is only filled with extraordinary musicianship, so if your into shitty music buy something else.

Review by: Bauglir

Arcturus always show their originality and this album is the example...all their solutions are good,melody are perfect,there are reflective parts and fast songs....the singer shows also his ability singing not only in growl but expecially with hot clean vocals.....innovative,special and well played......listen to it

Review by: impaled god

Sheer fucking genius. Do these guys ever disapoint? Not as much' out of left field' as the Masquerade album but the song writing is terrific and psychotic psychedelia everpresent. One great, very 'black metal' track on here too with a guest from Emperor on vocals (guess who) - i just hate trying to spell his name. The end of the album has the best Sverd keyboard solo i've ever heard. 10/10

Review by: shanewick

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