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Arum is the new incarnation of Gruunks and with the new name comes a more refined approach and ideology centred in blackmetal . Hellish Spells is the Brazilian’s new Ep featuring 2 tracks of mid paced blackmetal with some light thrash and death influences . After seeing the cover art and logo of the Ep I was expecting something a little more ‘grim’ and under produced than what I was presented with, instead Hellish Spells features a very ( almost too ) clean production and mix . For lack of a better description Arum remind me a bit of a cross between latter day Ancient ( with similar excursions into atmospheric acoustic passages minus the keyboards ) and the more recent Carpathian Forest output demonstrated by the slightly punky style riffing of ‘The Howl Of Pestilential Desert Winds’ with a few more melodic passages included . The passion and execution of Hellish Spells is most certainly good but unfortunately I feel that the material ( also like latter day Ancient ) lacks any memorable traits and tends to wash over me without making much of an impression . Overall a decent though slightly generic release

Review by: Gloon

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