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Very good music from Norwey

Review by: indian_in_sword

this is a litle better than the demo...Good melodies, good gutars, good singing(male & female). The bad thing still is for me the bad drum machine programming, expeccialy in the fast parts.If you like cruachan and some viking metal bands you will like this...

Review by: varulv

After listening to this CD, I can recommend it to the fans of folk metal.they play a mixture of folk with black metal. There are songs that you can describe them as pure black metal. The presence of different voices, voices in a folk style and black style give to this CD a big confusion of what musical style we are listening to.You need to listen it several times to swallow it. From my point of view, and because I do not like much folk music, I do not think you should not spend your money in it. There are better folk bands!!!!

Review by: mesías

I don't really have much to say except avoid this. It's absolute dreck, the vocals are terrible and the melodies are lame, not at all rollicking. They fail to capture that adventurous, mighty Viking feeling. I recommend Ensiferum instead of this band, and there are also many well known Viking bands that are far, far better.

Review by: TheWelkinAtDusk

Sigh, those who reviewed this prior are asslackeys - Sorry, but it's the fucking truth. A) There is no drum machine, he's actually playing - Tommy is a god. B) No shit it didn't capture the viking stuff, it's Romanticism jumbled in with many, many diverse...well junk. It is all right, they can do better.

Review by: Umbrae

this is one of the bands that really make me enjoy and sick, its a really good band, excellent if you like viking metal bands, recommended.

Review by: huxss

One of the better Folk metal bands I came across in many months..for fans of otyg,storm you wont be disappointed.Highly recommanded!!

Review by: dark elf

very good viking-epic-metal from norway of course-violins,clean female and male vokals you can easylly understand that this is pure nordic art.this is the debut of this very emotional norvegian band-cold atmosphere-very very nice-not for every black metal fan.PS-EUROPE MUST BECOME PAGAN AGAIN

Review by: iudicium

This album is of more than average quality: most songs are very good, some are even masterpieces, but it has it's downs too. So on the scale it will be an 8, with many compliments.

Review by: Trollman

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