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Wery raw and extremal material on this Barathrum LP show the raw orginal style in black metal what represent this band.

Review by: Mirror

It's quite interesting music. There are two bass guitars on this album, so it makes the sound of this album a little bit odd. Unfortunatelly the sound quality is poor. The music is simmilar to the Beherit's Oath of black blood but 2 or 3 times slower...

Review by: jarek

Classic Album of Barathrum, like someone else posted before they have two bassplayers, that makes the sound even more extreme, the production is very poor, the vocals cavernous, mix all this stuff together and You have a beatifull pearl of eerie and unholy metal. Not to be missed by the folloers of raw osbcure metal. Cult band.

Review by: Ashnag

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