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"Legions Of Perkele" has many things many records up 'til today (2004) don't showcase at all. It's heavy, has something dark and demonstrates that guitar is not the only instrument you can actualy use to create heavy music.

This band is definitely metal in all possible ways, but it smells like good ol' beer-intoxicated rock 'n' roll. This album doesn't rely on metaphysical philosophy-saturated "concepts" to be worth checking out or never-ending more technical than thou riffs and structures.
Pure rocking metal riffs, good sound for each instrument and catchy patterns. Wether you like "catchy" music or not, this gets my head banging and craving beer.
Horns up!

Review by: Putride

I have always referred to this band as the AC/DC of Black Metal after hearing this album. I base that assumption on this album's sound. It has fucking CATCHY neck-breaking riffs all over it that just make you headbang with no choice. The riffs are deceptively simple, but you don't care because it just fucking rocks so hard. Just like AC/DC. :P

I recommend this highly. Best tracks are: Last Day in Heaven, War Metal, Revenge by Magick.

Review by: beyond_freezing

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