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there is not muchu to talk about this album pure black metal in the vein venom!!!! obrigatory to any black metal fan

Review by: Sad Spirit

Bathory was the first band that used the word "Death Metal" and made such music in 1984, though, death metal sounds far from it now. The 15-year-old boy was the very creator of death/black metal in Europe!
Every sound in the record is dancing with dark flame, as all Bathory's early releases are.

Review by: halfy

This is Bathory selftitled debut, Definately a total classic. Because black metal did not existed at the time, it was clasified as a fast oi-punk.
The production of this album could be much better, some times Quorthon's screams cannot be heard very well or they diffuse with the guitar, but the dirty sound of this album is what gives the atmosphere.
This masterpiece begins with the long intro Storm of Damnation, all the songs begins equal, with an intro guitar that is the main riff of the song. Hades, Reaper, Necromansy, Sacrifice, In Conspirasy with Satan, Armageddon, Raise the dead and War are eight delightful and well elaborated tracks that contain a fast drumming (considering the year of the release), entertaining guitar riffs, lyrics that are spat in a sick way by Quorthon and of course each song has a guitar solo. In my opinion Necromansy and Sacrifice are the best songs of the album. Necromansy is a total blasphemy, just read the lyrics and you will find out why, also Quorthon guttural sounds are the most ugly of the album, which is good, considering that this is not a Christian-Gospel release. And Sacrifice is a very fast song in which Master Quorthon's guitar skills are expressed to the maximum, if you are wondering why, just check the guitar solo, in which each note of the solo fits perfectly in the song and creates and exited experience after listening to it.
The puntuation that I give is 8.5/10, because is an excelent album and is not 10/10 because of the production that could be better.

Review by: bathoryfc

this is the best black metal album in the world!!!! there will never be a better album than this one i think...

Review by: celtic-frost

This album is worth buying just for the song Raise the dead, it's sooo fucking good. The other songs here are also great.

Review by: Norrlands_Guld

this shit is almost perfect! there are a few trax that are too simil,but....who cares? GREAT!

Review by: the fog

Quorthon is the father of all extreme metal. this is a total classic, needless to say more.

Review by: Ashnag

Bathory first album leaves its mark in the world of metal forever. a great album for a legend, long live Quorthon!

Review by: Supay

This is the best classic from the 1st wave black metal, this record (along with others) served as inspiration for most of the real black metal bands.

Necromancy is an absolute killer song, and this album is the best of Bathory.

Review by: Hardboiled

this is a masterpiece,more an opera than an album,many vatiations about the same evil theme...nothing can be said more stupid than the tracks on this album are identical...this is his magical power!!!

Review by: o

This album started it all... If you consider yourself a self-respecting Metal Monger, this is a MUST in EVERY collection. This album only suffers from poor production, however, the bad recording lends an additional aspect of pure evil.

Review by: pannick

this is one of the first. black metal fans of old and new should pay respect... these boys dished it out in their own ways @ views,... with very little money to start out... look what they have become... 666 a+ in my book...

Review by: fitsravenous

Venom gave Black Metal it's name, but this is where we find the SOUND. Buzzing, nasty guitars, shrieking vocals, and THAT atmosphere: all trademarks of what would only become known as Black Metal long after the first wave was well and truly over.

This IS Black fuckin' Metal. The songs are perfect. Sooo dark, and yet sooo memorable. It really is a pity the band never got to play live, 'cos this would have been one of the most exciting sets in history. Yes, this first album is almost rock 'n' roll in songwriting terms, but the sheer blood-spitting glee on show makes it the epitome of great Black Metal, and even great Heavy Metal in general. And I reckon the production is just fine.


Review by: Tom Satan

rewiew for this album? fuck it! if theres anyone who doesnt know or hasnt heard this cd what can i say to him? this is the very start of everything!!!MOTORHEADs rocky rollish style with VENOMs attitude and image compined here to create what we all know as black metal,especially norwegian black metal! Hail Quorthon!

Review by: sotiricon

If you need to read this you don't know your black metal history so get informed - cause this is a stepping stone and a monument for satanic music

Review by: shanewick

sweeden first satanic black metal album.hell yeah!!!

Review by: ugur_sevilmez

Bathory is one of the best bm bands ever.This album was excellent and worth buying.

Review by: AndrewRebel

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