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aha, quorthon(i forgot the spelling) changed style:)
from fast death/black metal to epic/viking metal, another outrangious work.
personally, i don't like such kind of music, :)but it's excellent, anyway.

Review by: halfy

The fourth classic, and the most brutal album and at the same time the most epic to the date. Epic because of the first and the last song, and brutal 'cause the rest. It's the turnig point for Bathory, from the satanic stuff to the viking mithology stuff, and is the album where Quorthon don't say even once the word Satan in the album but the word is hidden in the lyrics, interesting. Quorthon was a genius!

Review by: Ashnag

Effectively the start of Bathory's 'Viking stage' if I recall correctly - I rushed out to buy this on tape in 1988 following rave reviews in Kerrang! and 16 years later I'm still listening to this (albeit on CD) as a masterpiece of the genre.

To me the tape was the first time I'd heard such brutality (well, we all have to start somewhere!) - the blend of acoustic passages and monstrous guitar riffs, the strangled vocals of Quorthon (RIP) and his tribute to Norse mythology, it's all here!

Fantastic songs too - anyone who listens to the start of "Oden's Ride... / Fine Day to Die" without getting goosebumps is either missing the point, dead, or listening to the wrong style of music. Equally, the slower part of "Dies Irae" is as near to a sing-along kareoke Bathory as we've had (this is a GOOD thing, by the way - you can't help but bellow along with him!) and the title track itself is a riot.

If you have any sort of passing interest in metal - black, death. viking, call it what you will - you really should invest some time and money in this CD and absorb just effect it had on the genre.

A timeless classic.

Review by: dai

This album is the puzzle-part between the earlier works and the following 2 masterpieces. Something changed. Suddenly picked with epic & viking elements, more slow and mid-tempo parts. Quorthon lounged for new shores. The opening "Odens ride.../A fine day..." is great. "The golden Walls..." a thrasher as "Pace...", all ending in the last track, the title track, which is nearly to compare to the next, viking style that appears on the next album "Hammerheart". Whenever possible nowadays, try to get the vinyl version, released in early 1989 through Under One Flag/Music For Nations in a great gatefold version. A great artwork and inner sleeve photo (the same you can see down on this Bathory site).

Review by: Body

Best Bathory album ever. Perfect blend of the latter dominated Viking metal sound which is just EPIC and some of the malicious black metal sound found on previous recording. Has some of the greatest Bathory tracks, Fine day to die, Blood fire death, etc. Masterpiece

Review by: shanewick

This album rocks my cd collection

Review by: Empress

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