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Buy or Die!!
Probaby the best Viking metal album ever....

Review by: m_amery

rpobably NO FOR SURE the best viking albun ever!!!!

one of my all time fav albuns !!!!!!!

Review by: Sad Spirit

A real CLASSIC. A great viking metal record. This one has really viking atmosphere.
Only minus wich I found is the quality of sound, but well it doesen't matter much. And it's not THAT bad.

Song highlights: Blood on Ice, The Sword, The Revenge of the Blood on Ice.

This one is must for every friend of GOOD viking metal.

Review by: Lawrence UA

Yet another great work by the mighty, unmatched and unique BATHORY/QUORTHON. Too bad this great figure had to die so soon... But well, Blood On Ice is the perfect mix of the powerful and heavy Hammerheart and the more relaxed Twilight Of The Gods. It features really great choirs and an amazing story written by Quorthon and being influenced by the Germanic Siegfried saga. The album is rounded off by the awesome cover art, it's simply a masterpiece!

Review by: the_patriarch

Bathory no needs soffisticated arrengments, no needs complicated riffs nor a screaming vocals and satanic image, Bathory satisfied himself, it worth by his music and talent, this album is a example of that... music talks by self... this is true and authentic VIKING METAL, incredible, the fantastic atmoshperes that creating, I see myself flaying through ASGAARD, searching the Valhalla, BATHORY RULES!!!... forever more...

Review by: Northvisions

Quorthon/BATHORY must be the only band whom change his sound without sucking! Best black metal band AND best viking metal band.


Review by: blodnatt

Really the best epic metal album ever. My favourite songs are Lake and Gods of Thunder and Rain. IMMORTAL hero Quothon created another fine album

Review by: slayerr

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