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It costed to wait for four years? Epic hymns of Quorthon are good, as, however, and always. But the rest... Any rock-and-roll motives, riffs from modern American metal, whether a tired voice... And subjects songs " Sudden death "? Hockey. For that to wait next time? An ode to tennis? Though there will be following time?

Review by: morkh

This is my second favorite Bathory album after "Hammerheart" (my third favorite is Nordland I). "Destroyer of Worlds" is an outstanding piece of metal work with a nice variety of metal -- containing everything from epic-type power metal (Lake of Fire) to doom metal (Destroyer of worlds) to super thrash/death metal (Bleeding) to a couple of rock 'n' roll tracks. Other great tracks besides the three mentioned include: Pestilence, Liberty & Justice, White Bones, Day of Wrath and Ode. "Destroyer" is raw, unpretentious and quite captivating. Inexplicably criticized by some.

Review by: dirk waren

Well, to the ones who now the discography of Quorthon in its entirety and praise its first untill "Blood on Ice" (including octagon... well sort off.. humm..), We see a kind of tired person, a shadow of its past, trying to make a new opus. there are good songs in it but one can see a slightly modern influence in its compositions. For conclusion its not the same, don't expect the that same Bathory from the past would come and ressurrect, to make Us all swim in joy.

Review by: Ashnag

if bathory wasnt dead yet he was with this one, i dont care what came after any black metal band that makes a song about the epic and deadly battles of ice hockey should be exicuted, but hes already dead so as for the harsh words this album earned it, shit is shit, but bathory was epic, you just dont fuck that up like this

Review by: god

Oh my god... What have you done! This is BAD for being Bathory!!!!

Review by: Empress

Not one of Bathorys finest releases but i did like "Destroyer of Worlds" and "Ode" i bought it and dindnt regret it too much.

Review by: AndrewRebel

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