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One of the greatest albums of all time and the first ever viking album to appear. The sound is very lousy but this is the only remark that I can make about that CD. The music itself is absolutely, totally mesmerizing. Viking metal at its greatest heights.

Review by: -hammerheart-

Best VİKİNG METAL album...İ dont know any words for this album..PERFECT....

Review by: Beyto

Excellent album, it sounds very raw and authentic. Just listen to the first song - acoustic quitars, the sound of waves, soft vocals - then the guitars break the silence and an extremely heavy and intense song begins. The same goes for Baptised In Fire & Ice, I think this is the most powerful song ever written, it just makes you scream BAPTISED! IN! FIRE AND ICE.

Review by: the_patriarch

Yeah gimme more of these. This is for sure one or even THE one bathory masterpiece. The majestic power of the songs developing more and more until they hit the sky with the glorious One road to Asa bay. This album is definitly one of the masterpieces of Viking metal, and if you look at other Bathory albums like Blood fire death you must admit that Bathory is the fucking king of viking metal!

Review by: svafnir

What can I say about this item but... It fucking sux! An extreme disappointment. If You want to purchase a Bathory CD I suggest you definitely not start with this piece of crap. I can't even get this shit off my one will buy it off of me... damn I fucked up haha!

Review by: xsadistichatex

This album can probly be called the first of the viking metal. Quorthon realy put a part of his soul into the music that was set into the making of this album. From its darkened lyrics, to is majestic landscapes of sound. An influencel album to probly all who now play viking metal. From the first track to the last track, you can feel the cold bitter winter of the scandanavian continent threw the music and words.

Review by: ghostofthecrypt

The first masterpiece. A must-have!!! One of the greatest albums ever! This album is a journey from the beginning to its end. All ending in a grande finale, the classic "One Rode to Asa Bay" (Yes, one of the best songs ever). It is raw, intense and with brillant melodies. An all time classic and a masterpiece in metal history.

Review by: Body

What album is best ? Blood, Fire, Death or the Hammerheart ? i want to buy one but i don't now wich one.

I know that this is not a review, but i need to know that.


Review by: draikov

this album is absolutely a masterpiece, "One Rode To Asa Bay" , "Father To Son" and "Baptised In Fire And Ice" are classics. every metal fan should own this masterpiece

Review by: lobotomy

This album is just exellent! Finally something that blew my mind!

Review by: Empress

Some people say "Blood Fire Death" started the "Viking Metal" genre, well there was like two to three songs on there concerning Norse mythology AND the cover art, but "Hammerheart" is where it all fell into place. From the opening of "Shores In Flames" with the sound of the crushing North Sea waves to it's closing sounds of fire and a Viking horn, this is one of the first EPIC Viking songs ever created. The crushing riffs in "Fire & Ice" and "Father To Son" obliterate any pretenders. Quorthon's off key clean vocals don't seem to hurt the fine musicianship present as Quorthon was pretty much the ONLY member in Bathory during the recording of "Hammerheart" at Heavenshore Studio. "Home Of Once Brave" is also a great song which contains the line "Dark endless forests where day hides the shadow of the night..."(So this is where Marduk got the title to their first album...). Who can not love "One Rode To Asa Bay" with it's grand opening start which morphs into the interesting ancient way the Vikings spoke in the lyrics? The video is also good and it contains a priest who looks like Robert Blake which is funny to me. See, with "Hammerheart" and albums like "Twilight Of The Gods", "Blood On Ice" and "Nordland 1 and 2", you either love them or hate them. Some people are fans of Bathory's early work such as the self titled release with Quorthon's goat on the cover and "The Return" and some people love the latter. I started off with the "Hammerheart" as my first ever Bathory album, so therefore I love Bathory's Viking metal better than their Black/Thrash early stages. Get this album! If you don't own at least two or three Bathory albums, you cannot call yourself a self respecting metalhead.

Review by: HammerSmashedCross

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