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Well, I think this is a far better album than 'Nordland I'. The songs differ more from each other and the sound is slightly improved. Highlights, in my opinion, are thes two masterpieces: 'Vinland' and 'Tha Land'. In the second half of the CD Quorthon changes his style a bit, in a very interesting way.

Review by: Hypnos

I is a lot better.. A LOT.. :/

Review by: Sac

Very disappointed. The Nordland albums did very little
for me. If you want the best of Epic Viking metal,
check out the earlier Bathory like "Hammerheart" and
"Blood On Ice". The latter is superb!

What will Quorthon do next?

Review by: m_amery

This a very good album. Bathory's 20th birthday is honoured with this beautiful album.
The vocals, guitars and especially drums are very good.
Nordland II : 8/10

Review by: Khold666IsGreat

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