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This legendary album is quite simplistic and yet so fucking DARK - something which I am sure a lot of bands have tried to copy (just listen to Darkthrone's A Blaze In The Northern Sky: it begins and ends with a doomy monotonous tribal drum beat and voices, and the intro to In the Shadow of the Horns even reminds me somewhat of the immensely repetitive song structure of The Rite of Darkness). The riffs seem to be a mix of punk and old school thrash, laden with chaotic solos (something which is, unfortunately, less seen in Black Metal nowadays) and tremolo picking of chords. The production is obscure and abysmal with a good amount of bass. The best song on this album is definitely (I know it's almost clichéd to say this, but...) The Return of the Darkness and Evil, just because it is so aggressive and black, especially that fucking weird solo at the end after the raped bitch's scream...ARGH! this song just BREATHES darkness! Other favourites would include Born For Burning, Bestial Lust, Total Destruction, and the black thrasher Reap of Evil! If you do not own this already, you have sorely missed out. How long you have been a Metalhead is no excuse!

Review by: Ankou

This is definately THE most evil metal album one could ever listen to. No more, no less. Bathory uses a style which you can often hear other bands trying to recreate but seldomly, if never, happens with the exception of Darkthrone's Ablaze in the Northern Sky. I can't explain the sound of this metal, as it is too fucking evil to put into words. Just listen and if you know what BM is you'll fucking kill yourself listening to this shit!!
Total Destruction,Reap of Evil, and Born for Burning are definately worth a listen.

The Return of Darkness and Evil is definately one of, if not, the best fuckign BM songs ever.

Buy or die.


Review by: Acrimony_BM

Bathory's The Return means simply THE BLACK METAL itself. I remember that I felt the Purest Blackness when I was listening to this album the very first time. This release is the best of the whole metal scene. Its black athmosphere is an etalon for everyone that wants to play B.M. The songs of it contain the sonic feelings of hell. The Rite of Darkness for example takes us straight into the centre of the whirling darkness, without mercy or compassion...
A must for a true B.M. fan.

Review by: Goatworship

The BLACKEST. This album has an unsettling atmosphere all it's own. The vague narrative about Satan reclaiming the earth from God is potent, but the overwhelming dark aura of the music is what makes it a classic of cultish metal. There will probably never be a black metal album that captures such a sickly moonlit atmosphere as this album does. nearly 20 years after it's release, cuts like "Woman Of Dark Desires" and "Total Destruction" still haunt my dreams. To say nothing of "Bestial Lust," surely an ode to my soon to be wife. This makes Venom sound like Britney Spears...the f**king BLACKEST!

Review by: irontyrant

One of the best fuckin' records of all time. If you want original black metal listen to this. Songs like Bestial lust, Total Destruction, and Winds of Mayhem, show how great this album is. It's just fucking brilliant.Fucking awesome.

Review by: wintersheart

Some people think this is one of the best black metal albums ever. I DO NOT AGREE!!! Bathory has made other much more likeable albums than this one. Don’t get me wrong, I do like it, I just don’t love it. The sound is very ugly and is definitely not for beginners!

6 out of 10

Review by: Demonheart

it sounds very dirty,maybe too much ( i read an interwiew where quorton said at that time he had serios problem with alcohol,i'm sure he didn't lie...)...anyway a great album,cover and lyrics maybe more powerful than those of the debut.
Born For Burning has slayed my heart!!!!!!

Review by: o

The best of the best. This is one DARK album. I have it on cassette and still play it to this day. Worth buying if you can find it.

Review by: Studster

Sounds alot like the first Bathory recording with no much of a difference is sound or song structure - except maybe an even more necro production. Good shit but the best is yet to come

Review by: shanewick

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