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It is a very excellent piece of atmospheric metal music. It it inspired in classical music themes like Gustav Holtz's The Planets or Carmina Burana.

Review by: Torquemada

This is one of my all time favorites. a true epic creation from start to end - this album simply rocks.

Review by: forgotten

Twighlight of the Gods is a masterpiece which will forever be looked back upon as a classic. It is timeless in its aural architecture and is brimming with well thought out melody and song structures, developed ideas and lyrical continuity.
Many people look toward bands like led zepplin, Metallica, The Beatles and Pink Floyd to talk about 'classic albums'. These bands are truely great but just because Quorthon is not as commercially appealing does not mean he is not a master of making albums. To me 'Twilight' is a classic album; up there with 'White Album', 'Revolver' 'Pet Sounds', Led Zepplin II', The Wall' and 'The Black Album'. It is noteable for the sheer quality of every track, the brilliant interweaving of acoustic and electric guitars, the absolutely unique use of backing vocals as a 'viking' chorus and the way the album holds together as one complete thought and concept.(in this respect it is not unlike 'Pet Sounds')
Studiers of the history of rock music should definitely be including this album in their research as a landmark piece.
There is so much to love about this album. Great vocal and guitar work, Brilliant arrangements, a sense of atmosphere and the timelessness associated with the instrumentation and the melodic and harmonic tonalities employed.
Standout tracks are the brilliant title piece, Blood and Iron, Under The Runes and Hammerheart.

Review by: Man of Iron

Ok, here's another great BATHORY album: Twilight Of The Gods. It is a bit calmer than Hammerheart, but nevertheless it contains some raw Viking Metal anthems of unsurpassable splendour and greatness. Furthermore the lyrics are really intelligent and in contrast to albums like Hammerheart they don't only deal with the Vikings' life, which provides for some nice variation.

Review by: the_patriarch

The greatness of this album is beyond words
Totally atmospheric, great soundtrack on a night when your smoking and drinking and watching Caligula on mute.

Review by: fosvart

A masterpiece follows another! As good as "Hammerheart", but with a more clear sound (The 1st time Bathory recorded in a real studio!) and in a more philosophical way. Great in anyway and my personal favorite.

Review by: Body

simply perfect, beautyful and magestic
the first time i listen to it i wondered "did I buy Twilight of gods or a bathory Best Of?". no week points

this album deserves not a 10, but a 100
one of the greatests of all time

Review by: lobotomy

The black metal sound has pretty much vanished now and the Viking epic sound dominates the atmosphere and song structures found on this album. Great work.

Review by: shanewick

Very much similar in style to the previous album with Viking epic sound and classical harmonies dominating throughtout. Great stuff although not the first Bathory album I'd buy if you were just getting into them (considering you're that behind in you musical experience). Masterpiece and well worth the time it takes to listen to all of these epic tracks.

Review by: shanewick

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