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One of the best Behemoth albums. Bašl on the thunderdrums is just fucking awesome. Transylvanian Forest , Moonspell Rites, Pure Evil and Hate, very nice. Sound is cold and mysterious (Like Grom)

Review by: uruk'hai

I heard almost all Behemoth albums,but this one left a very strong impression on me.Maybe because that was at the times when I just started listening to BM.But when I listen to it again and again nowadays I understand that it has that "something" (dunno actually what,maybe originality!the thing that many bands are lacking today)which caught my attention and doesn't want to release it,makes me to get back to the album again and again and understand again and again --that is one of my favoutite black metal albums.
Quite a strange thing is that this is also one of those albums in which I like ALL the songs (among Behemoth albums and the other bands too).
So I got the album and started listening to it.The thing I really liked was that there're some kind of melody lines,made by guitars but which doesn't make the music less "heavy".this is the thing that is valuable for me in BM.not just simple pulling the strings in order to make sound,but in order to make a composition.and of course I found on the album my favourite drum rythms!you know,like I met a person I appreciate and am very glad to see.So simple but together with it so atmospheric and strong.Although the tunes are quite what is called "merry" (for me) for example on Moonspell Rites and Pure Evil and Hate,I can't say I like them less than for example Forgotten Empire of Dark Witchcraft (have to admit I don't like the name much).This last piece entered my heart very very deep.Maybe I was in sentimental mood,but it had some strange associations in my mind and heart,so despare,sad and melancholic that it even caused some tears.
So ,to sum it up,I'd say that it'll suit both those who like eternal headbanging and those who prefer listening to music wondering somewhere in the nature or just being in the dark room (like me).But at least the last thing (Forgotten Empire ...) goes quite well with snowy landscapes!

Review by: Zmei Gorinich

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