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This album is great. Its not perhaps as intense when it comes to the sounds (they are a bit overproduced) but the material is SO good that it makes me wanna cry. The best vocals Nergal has done are on this album. If only for those, the album merrits a ten/ten!

Review by: ArchHereticAngelo

Goddamn what a great album! Some of you say it`s death metal and some of you say it`s black metal, but i`ll tell ya all. It`s Behemoth metal!!
Nergal is a true genius. "Demigod" might be THE album in fast and brutal music. And Inferno is truly one of the best drummers in the universe. Not one single track breaks the concept one this one.
I hereby curse all of those who despise Behemoth for not playing "true" black metal anymore.

Review by: winterspell

WOW!, This Cd is fucking brilliant. One of the best death/black metal releases I've ever heard, and turning into one of all time favorites. Nergal is a genius with his music writing and lyrical concepts, and his guitar work is great (not to mention, Inferno's fucking crazy drumwork). A completely phenomenal release from Behemoth. My only complaint is that is a little short(like 41min) but that doesn't distract from making it a wonderful release.[9.9/10]

Review by: LexComa

This was an amazing CD, from "Conquring All" to "Slaves Shall Serve" it was fast, complex, and well produced! this is truly a masterpiece.

Review by: ChainsawGutsFuck666

Hmm...I only own two Behemoth albums; this one and Satanica, and compared to Satanica, Demigod really has no soul. It's technically good and aggressive, but lacks feeling and creativity.

Review by: Jules

Behemoth are masters at what they do. They have produced yet another brilliant album, in a chain of great albums. Demigod is fast and crushing. Complete with systhesized segments which only help to set the stage for the onslaught to come. This album sees the band tightening everything up and refining themselves more, if that is even possible. The vocals are INSANE. I've often wondered at how the sound and sheer power of Nergal's vocals were achieved. It is all him. Seeing them live is somthing I'd recommend to anyone as it is one of the most amazing, powerful, and brutal things I have ever seen. Highlights of the album for me include "Conquer All, Slaves Shall Serve, and Towards Babylon." If you are a fan of any metal, you need to check this album and Behemoth out. 9.5/10

Review by: Khendric

this albun is fucking great and brutal. nergal's voice is awesome. best behemoth release, the songs "XUL" and "Before Aeons Come" kick ass. 10/10

Review by: lobotomy

this is one of the best albums released in 2005, a combination of great guitar work and blast drumming, a true deathmetal masterpiece everymetalhead should have..

Review by: buboy virata

fucking insane is one of the words that can be used to describe this amazing album. infoerno's drumming is to fast to imagine and it doesnt stop. i truly recommend this album to any behemoth fan because i truly think this it their best.

Review by: justpuremetal

Real Polish Death and Blac Metal!! That's all Behemoth plays and it's probably the best you'll ge your hands on in terms of TRUE MUSICIANSHIP. These guys are fucking amazingly talented with the best songwriting and drum signatures to hit the scene in a long time. Demigod is a relentless, brutal album with plenty of fucking amazing talnet. 10/10!!! FUCKING BUY OR DIE!!

Review by: MetallicOpeth

Too perfect sound & too boring lyrics. i dont know how can he write about the same things on every album. on Zos Kia Cultus 'from word into flesh, from man into god'... and we know it already, so, for what?. songs on this cd are about conquering the world and beating the christians. for me 30 years old man who wears black leather, puts white shit on his face and scream from scene to kids about 'ancient gods from babylon & war' is pitty. time to stop being kid mr Nergal. and you, stop listening music for half minded asholes. if i want to listen hard music, i play napalm death or rotten sound. really haevy kick in my ass (or, if you want - fist between eyes), without idiotic image & lirycs about nothing. only one man in this crew is good musican ... but i think its obvious. Inferno - one of the best drummers in the universe. only he keeps me (but very seldom, cause drums - even if theyre as insane as they are here - are only deums) listening this peace of shit
no speaking inglese. a lot of mistakes ^^

Review by: flea

This cd is simply awesome it was worth every penny and is now one of my personal favorites.

Review by: slayerfan213

Fuck you flea!!!;) Demigod is really good stuff. It kicks my ass like an army of ancient gods! And Behemoth is probably one of the best brutal death/black metal band in a central Europe. Hail Poland!!!!!!!

Review by: zukk86

demigod very good it seems to me, that brutality of nergal, and the exelente battery in inferno is very good… in Colombia were rechimba

Review by: christ die!

I think this is when Behemoth started finished their transition into a more death/black metal band, its not a bad sound his vocals got more and more brutal and so did the music, I like it, but I kind of wish he went back into his Black metal roots a little more, the lyrics are bad ass and Conquer all is one of the best songs Behemoth has ever put out there.

Review by: demoniacspitfire

It's hard to love Behemoth for this sucks;/

Review by: Black_Dahlia

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