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I gotas this demoo from Katla him selv. God heavy metal in wain ov black sabbat and lotus opgang.
Grejt cd albun- By or dai

Review by: :::::

Fast, impure and unholy...oh and a very "rotten sound", infested of bugs and averything...the way that black metal should sound... ancient, effectless and filled with dark passion...although Nergal had only 14 years when this album was first recorded it is an impressive beginning for a band that nowadays rulz the scene(together with many more)...anyway is sounds just perfect for black metal (rated 9/10)

Review by: Nimroth

A masterpiece. Powerful, evil and grim slow death metal, that reminds me of Beherit's song "Soulflay". It has nothing in common with other Behemoth's albums, however.

Review by: Humanophage

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