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A classic black metal album. raw , evil and brutal. not to good sound quality thou.
but i would recommend this to any blackmetal fan.

Review by: enthroned

So, this is a nice album with a very decent production that helps you to get in the dark mood of the vast pagan lands. Good black metal doesn┤t need to be so fast drummed to get your attention... a very good album with a nice Deathcrush cover... Hail Mayhem!!!

Review by: Xibalba

classical... cold... evil... True true Black metal...caught the evil essence of north cold moon... need to say more???

Review by: Northvisions

A true pagan black metal masterpeice....pure ancient slavic pride and a melancholic & mysterious atmosphere...Behemoth's most underrated aside of Sventivith and Grom

Review by: -Vom´tzod´ak-

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