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I have always liked behemoth.Thats very much because nergal music writing skills and hes majestic vocals.Grom is last album of so called old-behemoth.Music is a pagan/blackmetal stylish.Songs are atomspheric and one of them contais male-and femaleclean vocals which sounds just great!Lyrics on this album all mostly fantasy and pagan nature worship,some of the lyrics all writen in their home language.
I like this record,there is many good songs on this record.

Review by: Baphometal

great mix of melodic black metal and death metal....behemoth ruless!

Review by: magus_caligula

This Is The Graetests Behemot's Album Ever . Only On This Cd we listen Woman's Vocals, Acoustic Guitar And Polish Words. I Want To listen This Songs On Concerts !!

Review by: Pan Satyros

You will hear true "Pagan Anger" & philosophy on this album! Personal favorite: "Dragon's Lair".

Highly recommended.

Review by: masterwojtek

Underrated release,the last completely black metal album Behemoth produced.A personnel favourite of mine,with themes of Pagan pride,spellcraft,magic and other such fantasy themes.Musically,it incorporates a blend of barbaric second wave black metal with a melodic edge, with great riffs,synthesizers,acoustics,a few female vocal parts (dont let that put you off though,theres only a scarce amount),Nergal's classic black metal screech,great bass lines and some nice drumming from Baal Ravenlock (this being the last album he did with behemoth).It seems as though many people seem to be convinced this is a very poor effort by Behemoth, because of the experimental aspects of it.But I suppose it depends on what your cup of tea is....

Anyway a nice effort from behemoth,this being their last 'pure' black metal album...recommended

Review by: -Vomītzodīak-

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