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Dark, symphonic, depressive, agressive, majestic. In other words; everything you can wish for buying an extreme metal album!

Review by: garotter

This is an awesome album...what the other guy said.
Plus all the songs are quiet similar so I say donwload one, if you like it then you'll really dig the album.
I only got this coz it would have cheap shipping on eBay.
But I'm glad I got it.

Review by: Mansonite

excellent album
poderoso, majestic, depressive
it creates a strange and dark void in your soul

Review by: HHombre

This is the only Bloodthorn release that appeals to me. Its nothing too special, nothing that i haven't heard before... One thing thats always dissapointed me about this album is the cheesy cover-art... i mean really, they couldnt have come up with something a little more suiting to the music? oh well, too late for that... One good aspect of the album is the sound quality... i think that they have discovered the mid-point between the modern Black Metal Sound and Traditional Black Metal sound, and, well, it works for them...
Stand Out Tracks: With a Bloodstained Axe
Hail True Norwegian Black Metal!

Review by: natte_skygge

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