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Blut Aus Nord is a large naildildo driven into the rotten cunt of all so called "modern melodic vampiric gothic" poser "black" metal. About time someone decided to go a different route and not make another blastbeaten smear.
May all pseudo vampire fags burn in the furnaces of hell!

Review by: Vollrath

The biggest piece of shit I have ever seen and heard. "Dark and melodic"? Some complete flattered fags get the guitar and drums and started to fool around. Who the hell is responsible to release such shit?

Review by: Jack the Nipper

"Blut Aus Nord is a large naildildo driven into the rotten cunt of all so called "modern melodic vampiric gothic" poser "black" metal "

harrharr... this hits the nail on the head.

a very great release... just try to lock yourself in a dark place.
the effect: on other releases from other black metal bands you feel hatred, cold etc.
here you feel the desparation... you get mad... it makes your soul wanting to escape, but its cought in a cold forest... and it runs. but there is something behind, something unknown to earth and man. this music is pure psychic suicide... i think if you are locked in a room without light 24h and this cd is played all the time, you are ready for psychiatric clinic XDDD

Review by: 6gh6st6

A very strange album, the sound is very abstract and the whole album has some bleak feel to it. But If you want to hear something original and strange, you must get this album.
The only complain would be that the booklet and the whole edition are pretty miserable.

Review by: Vomit

For "fans" of Kvarforth and Co.!!! This piece of crap holds even more amount of murder, necrophilia, self-desruction and regutgitation than almighty Shining which is tough thing to deal with. Strange guitars, telling you to strangle yourself.
Hideous sounds, you'll be subjugated unto this music from the very first note to the very end of you. Only for people who have no problems with mind!

Review by: baarthag

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