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An amazing production by this quite recent Norwegian band -- new, though it is formed by people who have been in the scene for much longer than it may appear. Members have been in bands such as the ancient Cadaver, or the more famous Apoptygma Berzerk, not mentioning their touring with the greater acts of Darkthrone, Mayhem, Death and many more.

Cadaver Inc. is brutal blackish death (or deathish black, as you prefer) in one of its best forms, like one would and should always expect. Powerful, precise riffing and drumming, killing vocals, all built into a towering construction of constricting sounds which should (and will) shake your eardrums quite a bit. Add an overall originality (an attribute which most bands have been greatly lacking lately), plus a very good production and you get one fucking hell of a good album, out on Earache.

Possible comparisons to other bands could include a touch of Carpathian Forest (Strange Old Brew comes to mind in some songs), though Cadaver Inc. is less blackish.

Truly a release that every amateur of this style should get as fast as possible. Definitely not for fags.

Oh, and do visit their official site ; it's nothing you -- or anyone -- would expect :

Review by: shub

Pure fucking violence on CD!!
when u listen this CD it smells the dead cadaver in your room.

Review by: maladred

This album could well bear the title "Death Metal Discipline" since it alone is reason enough to make you forget all of the countless other bands playing what sounds like bad Cannibal Corpse/Deicide covers.

It's a must since all the songs are pure devastating metal, yet each piece has its own identity, which is an important point lacking in many bands' personality.

Review by: Putride

I can say only few words for this album: KICK ASS!! Ultra violent and fastly drum line, freezing guitar riffs, smashing vocals! YOU MUST HAVE IT!

Review by: demoniou

Reminds me of Apollyon and Czral's other band Aura Noir but sounds more technical and less thrashy

Review by: deathshandbag

With 'Discipline', the Cadaver reincarnation has produced a truly badass album. The production is gritty, yet all instruments are crystal clear. The musicianship is outstanding, and I just love the vocals. In short, if you want a prime example of black metal with death metal influences, look no further.

Review by: False Messiah

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