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the origin of grind-core...

Review by: theexorcist

This is their worst album. They were too young and skilless

Review by: michaelman

The Best grindcore album ("Burnt to a crisp" get a maniac)

Review by: ordo tremens

This album like so many others at the time suffers from a bad production job.Under the muddied sound you can hear the genius of this album.Their other albums may be more refined but on this one they truly staked a claim to an original sound that has been copied by so many bands.Bottom line:Grinding metal that occasionally becomes a blur when the band plays at fast tempos ,but with the help of three vocalists is pure aggression and originality.No one sounded like this before them.CARCASS RULE!A metal classic.

Review by: lightninboltz

this is the best grindgore record ever! CULT!!!
Heartwork and Swansong? a fuckinī joke..

Review by: vrana

This is probably the best grindcore album of all times, anyway it is the worst among carcass albums. the original cover is fuckin' great!!!!!!!!1

Review by: o

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