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ALthough almost As good as REEK, SOS is very different.
Here Carcass play GoreGrind in a more "professional" way, with longer songs (way longer), less vocal effects (none?), and....MELODIC SOLOS....

still good anyway. I know a lot of guys who prefer this type of Goregrind over the REEK type.
your choice.


Review by: terryf

godam it is good!grind core with a touch of d.m.every copycat grind of today try to capture the unique feel of carcass.

Review by: fredeath

godam it is good!grind core with a touch of d.m.every copycat grind of today try to capture the unique feel of carcass.

Review by: fredeath

This is in my opinion the best Carcass album. It is very different from "Reek of Putrefaction", yet very similar also. If the "Reek" LP would have had the same sound as "Symphonies", it would have been way better. Here there are only 10 songs, but they are so fucking sick and brutal, it is impossible to really describe this. In many ways, this band was alot sicker than Napalm Death. Musically it wasn't as over the top as N.D., but lyrically and conceptually they were unbeatable. The cover is extremely shocking, even i could not understand it when i first saw it as a kid back in 1989. But anyways, i can't find one single negative point about this album. Everything is just so perfect, the guitars sound like a train wreck and the riffs and song structures are incredibly original. This is the most innovative grind album ever. You can't really compare it to anything else because it sound totally unique. You've got to be pretty fucked to have medical lyrics like these with crazy song titles like "Swarming Vulgar Mass Of Infected Virulency" and "Excoriating Abdominal Emanation". It just didn't seem to make any sense, you have to listen to this a few times to fully understand it. That is if you've never heard this type of music before. I can't help but give this a 100% I think it's the most original grind album ever done and possibly the 2nd best grind album after Napal Death "F.E.T.O."

Review by: Napalmfucker

The most brilliant and sophisticated Grindgore album ever recorded. Brutal, fast, sick and technical. The lyrics on this album and on "Reek..." are now references in Grindgore. Ken Owen`s drum work on Ruptured in Purulence is ORGASMIC!!! And the track; "Reek of Putrefaction" is THE Grindgore song! Without doubt a must-buy album!

Review by: Filmkongen

I recommend you find this on vinyl and then listen to it.

Review by: fosvart

if we think about carcass as the band they were originally, this is their best album. not a second on this is wrong. the original cover is like the reek of putrefaction one. FUCK CENSORSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Review by: o

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