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When I first time listened this album i was like "yeah, this is good, but not so good than Eskhata" but when I listened Chaosborn couple times I was like"Hell yeah, this is best Catamenia album ever!" and not only best Catamenia album but best blackmetal I think. In Chaosborn all songs are great. It's hard to say a favourite song cause I like them all, and what is my favourite song in that time depends a lot what kind of mood I am. You can't get bored with Chaosborn cause all songs are different. Catamenia is best blackmetal band of all time. Catamenia has really found their style, and they aren't afraid to try something new. And that's the reason why I like to listen Catamenia. after every album they sound a litte bit different than the previous album, but still they sound like Catamenia. I just can't wait for next Catamenia album. if they can do better album than Chaosborn... uuuhhh what kind of cd that might be... Well we just have to wait for another Catamenia relese and in that time we can listen previous albums and think how they have done this. 10/10

Review by: Lord Night

Stop what you're doing right now and think about this: how many bands do you know that have made perfect albums? You know, those albums you listen to and say: "Damn, there's not a song I DIDN'T like in this album... it's fucking perfect".
Not too many, right? Well, Catamenia is definitely in "The Best Albums Generators" list. Chaosborn is simply perfect. If you're thinking about buying this album but you aren't sure, I suggest you download "Calm Before The Storm" or "Lost In Bitterness", but do me a favour: BUY THIS ALBUM AND SUPPORT THIS GREAT BAND...

Review by: Heathen Warrior

great return from this finnish masters of black melodic aggression. much better than their previous effort and likely to be their best album since "e.w.p" this is the best band from finland, they are much better than the overrated children of bodom boys

Review by: grimfaust

This is truly worthless. Great musicians but who fucking cares when the songs suck...

Review by: winterspell

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