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Catamenia's third album Eternal Winter's Prophecy is awesome! The line-up chanced before this album. Sampo Ukkola was replaced with Ari Nissilš(Unwrap) and Toni Tervo with Sir.Luttinen(The Black League, Legenda). And once again Catamenia has done it. This album is much better than the previous albums. Faster, more aggressive, more melodic. This is great album. This time there is no poor songs at all. All of songs are above average, and songs like Blackmension, Kingdom of Legions, Dawn of the Chosen World and Eternal Winter's Prophecy goes straight to the top songs of blackmetal all the time. You gotta buy this

Review by: Lord Night

Yet another cd i bought on artwork and curiosity.And was by no means dissapointed.This is meldoic black/death metal with thrash influences.The vocals are pretty basic but yet somehow dont seem to get old.The kyboards are used just enough and the song lengths are long enough to please but not enough to lose interest.This album is definately worth buying.

Review by: Vladtrovert

this is maybe the best catamenia album . no weak songs in this record. the sound produtcion kills as many of finnish bands. the vocals are impressive and the guitar melodies lead you to a pleasant agony. buy this now !!!

Review by: grimfaust

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