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This is sixth album of Catamenia. While they were recording this album Mika"Deimhal"Tönning (vocals) and Timo"Lede"Lehtinen (bass) was replaced with Ole"Oujee"Mustonen (vocals) (Dorotha) and Mikko"D-stroy"Hepo-oja (bass) (Unwrap).

WNT is one hell of a album! It's far more aggressive than Chaosborn wich is great album too. Even tough the music is very aggressive it's still very melodic. The new vocalist Mustonen has done very great job with vocals. the voice is very rough and aggressive! Their former vocalist Tönning was great too, but I don't think that "Oujee" is worse. In fact I think he's even better! In this album all songs are above average, that's for sure! There's no way that I could list best songs, cause if I did I have to name every song. There's nine Catamenia's own song and a cover from Satyricon's Fuel for Hatred and that cover kicks ass! I have to recomenned this to every one who likes melodic, fast and aggressive music 10/10

Review by: Lord Night

WOW, I wasnt expecting anything good about this record, but I was wrong, this is black metal, but also melodic black played very fast and full of blastbeats, so this cant be bad.
the guitars are more leading in this album, and the keyboards help to create the ambience.

Review by: Antikrisztus Wunderbar

Hello. A very good album. Different from previous albums, but good too. I prefer previous albums, but this one is interesant and a little bit more original. Bye.

Review by: miika

I first heard of this band last year(2006).So I can'tell that I am a well knower.I also wanted to go to a concert featurig WASP Crematory and other bands from my country(Romania).The concert was in september 2006 and I heard a recording from a friend with o song...I think it was from this album and I started to download some of their albums.I was impressed by this album and I also wanted to hear the original song from wich they made a cover and it sounds good.

Review by: [Ro] SnaKe

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