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One of the all time BEST doom metal albums of all time. EVERYTHING THIS BAND HAS DONE SINCE IS TOTAL 70'S RE-HASHED GARBAGE. This is the ONLY Cathedral album worth buying.

Lee Dorrian was one of my favorite vocalists while he was in Napalm Death. Countless vocalists have copied his style since then, but he'll never get the recognition because he turned into a really campy version of a 70's rock star. What a waste.

'Forest of Equilibrium' showed promise for this band to be one of the all time best doom metal bands, but they opted for the trendy retro-70's rock bandwagon.

I say again, what a waste. I thought this album was only the beginning, but at least this and the first EP is worth the plastic it's burned on. Well worth a listen.


Review by: The Coroner

Best album of them.real Doom Metal.

Review by: Beyto

«Forest of Equilibrium» was, is and will be one of the true masterpieces of Funeral Doom. This album (and Thergothon) opened a gate to a new vision of metal, where the beauty of sadness, mourning,sorrow and despair are the true essence of music.

Review by: silencioabsoluto

This album has basically shaped my entire view of how Doom should be. I'll try a few words for you here: beautiful, devastating, suprising, mystifying, scary, oppressive, sweet, putrid, just plain rockin'. This IS how Doom should be.

Apparently the band themselves were surprised at how multi-layered and colourful the album turned out. There are flutes, there are acoustic guitars, there is eath-shaking spooky organ, and of course there is the never-bettered twin guitar team of Gaz Jennings and Adam Lehan. Those guitar harmonies may have been the product of hours spent listening to Trouble CDs, but to be honest, Trouble never reached their potential, and Cathedral were at this stage in their career shooting straight past 'potential', and hovering somewhere around 'jaw-dropping'. The strings sound loose enough to fall right off the guitars, but the riffs are the pefect balance of melancholy and pure head-banging goodness. Genius.

And of course, we have the presence of the electric wizard himself, the truly unique and talented, Mr. Lee Dorian. When Cathedral first emerged, his singing style was described as sounding something like an old man dying, and that actually fits pretty well. He's performed a miracle here by not singing in a classic Doom voice while still sounding like the epitome of Doom. Death-style vocals always rob a band of that crucial mildewy ye olde English atmosphere, but somehow Lee totally side-steps that. His vocals are perfect on this, with weird whispering and chanting, and with lyrics that are like ivory tablets in the (ahem) temple of Doom.

Mention must also be made of the cover. Is that not one of the greatest covers of all time? It perfectly represents what's inside too. Praise!

So in conclusion, this is simply the utter pinnacle of Doom Metal. Every song is perfect, and it offers years of joy to the listener. It has since been out-slowed, but it will never be out-Doomed. God bless Cathedral. 10/10.

Review by: Tom Satan

Forest Of Equilibrium is their Best EVER!!!

Review by: revlorddamien666

The first album that took me to the dark metal, that made me change my life.

I'm in love with it... First I bougth it on vinyl and after some time, I had to buy the CD.

Review by: DameDrugs

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