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Quite the same as "The Middle-Kingdom" but without any reagge-like shit. Yay.

Review by: Daemon

This one is Celtic Metal with Black Metal influences, and it works brilliantly. Cruachan are known for their perfect combination of Celtic instruments and Heavy/Black Metal instruments, with lyrics about Celtic mythology, and this one is no different. This album has guest vocals from none other than Shane MacGowan whose somber vocals contrast brilliantly with Karen Gilligan's vocals in the songs "Ride On" and "Spancill Hill". We also get to hear more Black Metal rasps and riffs, and some more instrumentals, which are always good. While not as good as "Tuatha na Gael", it is very close, and beats "The Middle Kingdom".

Review by: Pádraic

This album reaaaally shows what cruachan is made of...the folk environment is very big in this one, you'll realized it as soon as you hear the 2do track

Cruachan - Folk-Lore has great songs...and it's a MUST for the ones who love FOLK, doom, with some black metal things, excellent...


Review by: franckcho

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