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This is a must have for any 'celtic metal' fan.
Really raw sound, underproduced, yet really nice compositions, especially the instrumental tracks. Actually the way these instrumental tracks sound is the only link between this album and the seems that it is what they do best.
The vocals are black metal screams style, but not very powerful.

Review by: Daemon

Tuatha na gael is a perfect example of a materpiece with a simple production, to me... does'nt care if sounds not very good, is a very original Celtic Black Metal, is unique, not for all... this a classic... Cruachan rules... over the ancient celtic forest...

Review by: Northvisions

I love this one!
Discover it at 18 or so, it had a lot of irish instrument and acoustic part (3 track if i well remember..) and then some of this songs' tunes turn to black metal riffing.

Original for sure, after this released then they kinda change style. in this cd there is still male voice in black metal style, then it will be substituted by a female one.. not impressive at all

Review by: empio

I can remember I've borrowed that from my friend. It was best celtic-folk metal I've ever heard. If you like the sub-genre this is a must.

Review by: manos

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