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i was waiting a really crap album but i was sorprise for dark funeral this is a better album than diabolis interium, really fast, good vocals they are going in the correct way because i was waiting for an industrial album not this kind of black metal, hail for dark funeral

Review by: blot

this album is a really great,very creative melodies and lyrics,pure blasphemy evil and brutal! awsome shit..

Review by: geburah

I would say their best album-i am starting to like them.Damn good is that folks.It is not the usual non-sence brutallity-this is really emotional.Their best album!!!

Review by: iudicium

I've been listening to Dark Funeral for a long time and I think this might be their best album yet, not only musically but the lyrics are some of the best I've seen from Magus Caligula.

Review by: demoniacspitfire

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